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Sony CXA2075 Tutorial
Parts needed:
Sony CXA2075 RGB Encoder
3.32k 1% Resistor (NTSC Consoles)
43 Ohm resistor
240 Ohm resistor
20k Resistor (Not needed if you do the CCAM)
30k Resistor (Not needed if you do the CCAM)

This guide is for Model 2 Genesis consoles with a Samsung
RGB Encoder (Labeled SKA2195D). The Samsung encoders
do not produce chroma and luma so you cannot do the
s-video mod without swapping out the encoder for a new
one. The new encoder also produces a better composite picture.
Start by removing the old Samsung encoder. This is best done with a
hot air rework tool. Another way to remover the encoder is to snip all
24 legs one at a time and then clean off the pads.
Also remove EM2 & R49.
Take note of the pin 17 pad and the spot to get 5v from. (Right photo)
Solder in your CXA2075. Make sure that you install it in the same
orientation as the original chip.
Now take your 3.32k resistor (for NTSC) and solder it between the pin
17 pad and the +5v spot marked in the above photo.
Take your 43 Ohm resistor and bend and snip it like the picture
below, then solder it in place of the R49 you removed earlier.
Now your 240 Ohm resistor gets soldered between the middle
leg of the removed EM2 and the other end of your 43 Ohm
resistor. In the photo below I used a via that connected to
the other end of the 43 Ohm resistor. (Left photo)
Flip the board over and locate the spot were the EM2 was. Take
a short piece of wire and connect the outer two spots together.
(Right photo)
At this point the video portion of this mod is complete. The next
step is necessary if you do not plan to further mod your console with
the CCAM or if you do not have the correct revision for the CCAM.
The Samsung chip fed a Vref to the audio circuit in the Genesis and
the new CXA2075 does not so if you test your system and the sound
is bad then you need to add that Vref back to the audio circuit. This
is done easily.
Solder your 20k & 30k resistors like in the left photo. Were the two
resistors meet will be soldered to the positive side of the CE14
capacitor. Then the other end of the 20k will go to ground and the
other end of the 30k will go to +5v. Vref restored and your all done.
Now go ahead and add your s-video components.
Please use the Products page if you would like to order the components
to complete this mod.