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Parts needed:
S-Video Jack
NPN Transistor (2N3904 or similar)
75 Ohm Resistor
On/Off Switch (Optional for composite video out)
Remove resistor R45
Get Luma from the bottom of where R45 was (or Pin 6 of the Sega 315 chip)
Get your Chroma signal from the bottom of C77 (Pin 3 of the Sega 315 chip)
You can get your 5v from any of the three locations indicated below
Here is a diagram for hooking up your s-video jack:
In order to keep the option for composite video out you will need
to install a switch to reconnect pin 6 to the original circuit.
Make sure to ground your s-video jack.
Hope this guide is helpful. Please email me if you have any questions.
Thanks again to Drakon for this mod and for the permission
to add this tutorial to the site!
This mod was created by Drakon! A big thanks goes out to him for creating this great
mod and for allowing me to add this tutorial to my website!
32X S-Video Mod Tutorial