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Dreamcast Internal VGA Mod
Parts Needed:
DPST Switch


2x 220Uf Capacitors
2x 4.7K Resistors
2x 150 Ohm Resistors
2x 1N4148 Diodes
1x Female VGA Socket
1x Stereo Phono Jack
1x DPST Switch
The Schematic:
Either build the above circuit or use my VGA kit.
Wire everything to the Dreamcast according to the diagrams above and below.
(Not my picture)
A note about the above schematic:
It shows the vga select pins being connected together and then toggled
on by connecting both to ground. This may cause issues when you try to turn
vga off and use composite. In order to keep the best compatibility keep the
vga select connections separate when not using vga.
Dreamcast Side:
VGA Board:
The pads on the vga board are numbered. These numbers
correspond to the numbers on the dreamcast audio/video
connector. Or you can just match the colors on the diagrams.
I designed the vga board to be as small and easy to install as
possible. Even still it will require a fair bit of case modding to get it
to fit properly. Below I will try to explain how I think is the easiest
way to fit it into the case. Please take your time with this. I
cannot be responsible for any mistakes made while attempting
to install this board. If you do not feel that you can successfully
install this board then please contact me. I can install the board
for you for a fair price.
Fitting the vga board.
Step 1.
Remove the cd lid from the top shell.
Step 2.
Break tabs off and cut area out.
Here is the area cut out and tabs broken off:
I do not have a template to use for the vga cutout. What I do is use a male vga
connector and trace around it to get the shape I want. Then I use a dremal tool
to slowly cut the shape out until the male end fits well into the hole. Just take your
time with this. Another way is to heat up the male connector and press it into the
shell. You don’t want to melt the shell all the way through you just want to make
an outline of the vga connector so you have a guide to use to cut. Keep the connector
as close to the AC IN as you can to avoid having to cut the GD-Rom to fit the board
but also keep it far enough from the AC IN so that you have room to fit your
vga cable.
Once you have the tabs broken off, the area cutout and the vga connector area
cut out the next step is to thin the wall of the case. The screws are to short to
fit through the case and securely hold the board in place so we have to thin the
wall out a little. I use a large flat file.
Step 3.
Cut out the vga shape.
Step 4.
Thin the shell wall.
And here is the vga board mounted into the case.
Any questions, comments or concerns please
contact me. Thanks.