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Tiido’s Crystal Clear Audio Mod

   This mod replaces the audio circuitry in VA7 model 1 and VA0, VA1 and
VA1.8 model 2 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems. The audio quality in these
systems is sub par and by replacing the circuitry with Tiido’s CCAM
(Crystal Clear Audio Mod) you will vastly improve the audio
performance. The audio output will be at least the same or better than the
original model 1 systems and the later model 2 systems.

A couple of notes regarding this mod:

1. This mod will disable the mono outputs. This means you will need to have
stereo cables.
2. The volume level after this mod will be slightly lower than before. This
is normal.
3. With the model 1 VA7 systems you will have to tap your audio Left and
right out directly from the CCAM and use RCA jacks. This model does not output
stereo from the A/V connection. You will also loose the headphone functionality.
My custom made pcb:
Component Layout: Full Size
Installation Diagrams
Model 1 VA7
Model 2 VA0, VA1, VA1.8:
These CCAM boards are available for sale here. The prices are $25 Shipped within the
US or $30 shipped outside the US. Installation service is $5 + Shipping.
Model 2 VA0, VA1, VA1.8